Importance of Social Resources

Socialization is key to longevity in every person. Our self- esteem, intrests, goals, ideas, dreams, and everything else we think or feel are influenced by the people we meet and the interactions we share with them. Positive relationships are crucial for emotional and social development in everyone. When people do not have the chance to be social,they become lonely, sad, and depressed. People with special needs are a group of people that are not given the opportunity to socialize. Our society fails to provide social programs for people with special needs, and also fails to look at everyone as equals. By creating and improving social programming, we will create united community, where people with special needs can interact with other people. There are many organizations for special needs that give advice, but none of which give the hands- on help that facilitates real socialization.

Benefits of Social Program Involvement:

* Develops more confidence
* Improves problem solving and critical thinking skills
* Forms Networks with others
* Fosters new friendships
* Develops leadership skills
* Encourages people to think conventionally and creatively
* Promotes physical activity
* Helps ease negative emotions
* Satisfies the feeling of belonging to a group
* Reduces risk for Depression


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