It is estimated that 2.5 million people in the United States have a developmental disability.

150,00 people in New Jersey have a developmental disability.

* 1 in 50 Children have a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
* ASD is 5 times more common among boys 1 in 54
* ASD occurs 1 in 252 girls
* 60 families a day find out their child has Autism
* Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability
* Autism gets less than 5% of public funds that goes towards childhood diseases
* A study estimated it costs $3.2 million to care for a person with Autism over a lifetime

New Jersey
* 1 in 49 children has ASD
* 1 in 29 boys has ASD
* 1 in 172 girls has ASD
* Currently, 12% of the New Jersey population Ages 5+ has a disability
* 9.3% of people ages 21-64 has a disability
* 9% of people ages 16-64 has a disability

Study conducted on youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) over a 12-month period:

* 40%of youth with ASDs never got together with friends
* 50% never received phone calls or were invited to activities
* 28% were socially isolated with no social contact whatsoever

Currently, more than 54 million Americans are living with some type of disbility.
In New Jersey, the rate for Autism in children is 1 in 49 and in boys is 1 in 28. The rate in New Jersey has nearly doubled in the last six years! As baffling as this sounds, the percentage is expected to increase, regardless of new medical breakthroughs that are made. Although there are many hardships that come with a disability, there are many ways to cope with it, and one of the best ways is to be involved in a social program.

There are too many people with ASD in need of socialization, and as the people of New Jersey, we are responsible for connecting these socially-starving people to the resources that they deserve.


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