Dangers of Isolation and Loneliness

Put on their shoes

8:00 Walking to my first class, I usually walk by myself. I said hi to Hannah, but no response. No one even says hi to me. It’s like I’m invisible. rrrrr

292awoma 11:30 Lunchtime! I am so hungry! I asked Joe if I could sit with him, but he said the table was full. I asked someone else too, but she said the same thing. I will just sit by myself. No one wants to be my friend. The worst part is that the teachers are just watching, and not telling the other kids to include me.

1:00 Gym class! I asked Samantha if she wanted to play basketball with me, but she said no. I asked Janae if I could play soccer with her, but she said they already have a full team. I will just shoot hoops by myself. Why isn’t anyone including me? avoiding-exercise

rttttt Weekend– Hey, look! Josh is having a birthday party outside! Why I am not invited anywhere? I feel sad. I guess I will just watch movies this weekend by myself.

Problems not only arise on the outside in people on the spectrum, but they also arise on the inside. Social isolation and loneliness are the biggest struggles people with developmental disabilities face. This causes chronic stress, which causes systemic inflammation, which has a negative effect on emotional well – being. Isolation and loneliness makes us physically and emotionally sick.

Isolation and Loneliness:

•Increase the risk for suicide
•Raise levels of circulating stress hormones and blood pressure
•Destroy the quality of sleep
•Cause chronic stress, which weakens our immune systems
•Cause people to have more frequent colds and flus, and longer recovery times
•Decrease feeling of vitality and less energy
•Increase risks to develop heart disease, cancer, and diabetes
•Increase likelihood of depression


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