Fantastic Friends Program Model

What is the biggest problem people with special needs face?
Isolation. In school and working environments, people with special needs are always isolated from their neuro-typical peers. Many people are unaware how to handle someone who is different, so they run away from or ignore the special needs person. There are many organizations for special needs that give advice, but very few provide social programs with neuro-typical peers like Fantastic Friends.

How will Fantastic Friends chapters impact the special needs community?
Fantastic Friends will give people with special needs the opportunity to socialize with their neuro-typical peers and peers who have similar or different needs. Chapters will help people with special needs gain confidence about being in a group, while sharing ideas, hopes, and dreams, without the fear of being judged.

Click here to learn more information on starting a chapter in your area!

How will Fantastic Friends chapters impact volunteers?
Fantastic Friends chapters will help people become more comfortable and confident around their special peers. Volunteers will become familiar with different types developmental disorders, and how to accommodate to every type. Fantastic Friends will also teach volunteers how to be leaders in their communities by including special peers at monthly social events. Volunteers will learn the fundamentals of a chapter, such as fundraising, advocating, and planning events.

How will Fantastic Friends impact the whole community?
Fantastic Friends will teach everyone how to love and honor each other. Chapters will teach people how to accept special people in our society and how to offer them opportunities that everyone else gets. Fantastic Friends will encourage and inspire teens with or without special needs to do great things in their communities. Everyone deserves to be honored for their abilities, and everyone deserves to have a support system regardless of their background. Fantastic Friends is that place for everyone to feel loved, accepted, and appreciated.

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