Fantastic Friends

Fantastic Friends

Every month Fantastic Friends hosts one social event, where we pair one teen with special needs with one neuro-typical peer. Our events are held across South Jersey, and every month we go somewhere different. This month, we went to the Funplex! Every quarter we have a fundraiser to help raise money to host bigger and better events. We have many different types of special needs in our group, and we are very welcoming to every type! The age range is from 10- 21 years of age. At every event we provide a family-like environment loaded with tons of smiles, laughter, and high fives! Fantastic Friends was also started by me, Marissa Hacker. Fantastic Friends currently has 30 members and 30 volunteers- a chapter of 60! We are always welcoming new volunteers and members, and it is truly a fantastic social program! For more information, please contact me at:


Marissa in Washington, D.C.

My experience in D.C. was surreal, amazing, incredible, and fantastic in every way. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share my story and concerns for social programming at Capitol Hill. Having someone in the government listen and care about one of the biggest community issues is the greatest feeling in the world. I am also so thankful to have connected with the 50 other amazing Youth Ambassadors across the country. Every Ambassador I met is so inspiring, and is already changing the world!! Thank you to Youth Service America and Festival of Children Foundation for giving me this opportunity and making all of this possible. I can honestly say this training has been the best experience of my life! I feel so blessed, and I am looking forward to the very fantastic launch of my campaign, Njfriend! I am beyond ready and dedicated to make many statewide changes in the special needs community and I am very optimistic of the fantastic changes the State of New Jersey will implement for the future.