Autism New Jersey Conference 2013

autismnjassembly kerry

On Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the Autism New Jersey Conference in Atlantic City, NJ. At the conference I was able to explore a wide variety of autism resources, and network with different social program organizations. I am proud to announce that I also had the opportunity to briefly meet the New Jersey Assemblyman, Louis Greenwald, as well! It was a great experience and I really appreciate his support in my Fantastic Friends and NJFRIEND efforts. I also got to meet Kerry Magro, who is an author of his own book, Defining Autism From The Heart. It was a pleasure meeting Kerry as well because I read his book over the summer and he showed in his book that he is an inspiration to the special needs community! Attending this conference was amazing because everyone had a unique connection to autism, and I am so honored to have met some really amazing organizations and to have learned more about the autism community. Below are links to the Autism New Jersey Website and to Kerry Magro’s Website! Please check them out. I love New Jersey!


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