Labrador Hill Farm


I visited Labrador Hill Farm in Waterford, NJ today to volunteer in an equine therapy program. I met Sarah, the owner of the farm, who explained to me the details of the program along with the goals. I was going to assist with a young girl whose name was Sarah and Mark, a mature young man. They each had their own challenges but seemed to really light up around the horses.

Sarah and Mark both were repeat visitors and knew the owner and her horses well. Sarah and I took the horses out to pasture to feed and then Sarah rode April, her horse. They had a relationship built on mutual respect. A respect she didn’t seem to receive from her peers and she was “in her zone.” Mark took his horse, Quincy, out to pasture and really seemed to enjoy the connection he had with the horse.

I could see that Sarah and Mark were developing a confidence and love so strong for the horses. There is a sense of feeling so natural and tranquil being around farm animals. This is a great place to take individual or group classes, and I would highly recommend trying it out! It is especially good for social interaction between people and lovely animals! The most important lesson I learned today was that animals have the ability to bring out a gentle, caring side in both kids and adults, and it allows your child to learn responsibility and independence. I am so thankful for this program and having met two new friends! Please check out the link below for more information!


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